Chairman's Welcome

Thanks for stopping by the website for the Georgia Association of Emergency Medical Services. We are a membership driven organization serving approximately 14,000 EMS professionals in Georgia.  We are unique in that our organization is primarily funded by individual memberships rather than corporate sponsorships. We serve the EMS industry by interacting with regulatory bodies, engaging in legislative advocacy, producing publications like a magazine and periodic newsletter, and providing multiple continuing education opportunities. 
GAEMS was recently approved to being the process of starting a non – profit educational foundation, and we are excited about the opportunities to provide enhanced training and education to EMS professionals in Georgia.
GAEMS is also very actively involved with the Georgia Trauma Care Network Commission. We are working to aggressively shape the growth of the trauma care network in Georgia and to make sure that the importance of the EMS industry in the trauma care process is adequately realized. 
If you’d like to meet our board and some of our members, please come join us at the 2009 EMS Awards Banquet, where we recognize the achievements of different EMS professionals in Georgia from this past year. This event is a great opportunity to fellowship with EMS professionals and hear about what the EMS industry does in Georgia’s communities.  The registration form can be downloaded here.  If you'd like to nominate someone for an award, please download a copy of the nomination form and send it to us. 
If you're currently a member of the EMS Community in Georgia, we'd like to invite you to join us at the 2009 EMS Conference in Savannah, Georgia.  Download a copy of the brochure here for more information.
Finally, if you want to become more involved, please email us and ask for more information.  We would love to have you join us and become a part of what GAEMS is doing in Georgia.  Also, feel free to check out our new GAEMS Photo Gallery to see the opportunities that can come from being a member of our organization. 

Best Regards,
Courtney Terwilliger
Chairman, GAEMS

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